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Click on the grey banner below to look through our current stock and previous years' leftover stock. Use the form to make an order request and await our email response. If you do not receive an email acknowledging the order, please ping us!

Please be patient with us as we streamline the design and usability. All sizing and design information is available and up-to-date. After we receive your order request we will follow up to confirm stock availability and discuss payment options.

We are currently moving our store to a new location.

For orders please avoid using the order form and email us directly at


Click on the above banner above to order: 

  • Road jerseys and bibs or MTB jerseys with in the

    • 2021 red, banded design

    • 2018 grey/cardinal/yellow design

    • Miscellaneous red, black, or white designs

  • Waterbottles

  • Socks

  • Rain jackets and vests

  • Cycling caps

  • Socks

  • Fleeces and shirts

Images below and on the individual pages on the inventory site.

You may also email us at info (at) usccycling (dot) com to order. Fight on!

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